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I have a real world working knowledge of how media works in our day and age. I have a degree with a New Media concentration, which involves study in all the new forms of art and design associated with the new age of marketing and advertising. I’ve worked directly with clients as well as with an advertising agency for the past six years. Working in such a fast paced environment has helped me understand how time management, creative ideas, and hard work are essential to creating great work across media platforms.

Real world experience has shown me the importance of meeting deadlines, and how important time management is to completing a project successfully. I pride myself on my ability to always meet deadlines successfully, always. I’ve been in many situations where I needed to work through the night, after hours, and over weekends to complete a last minute project.

Creative ideas are my specialty. In all of my work experience, even as a coach, I’ve learned that it takes creative ideas to capture an audience. Living in such a heavy media filled world now, people have to see something intriguing, different and important to them personally to give media a chance. I excel in capturing audiences. In client presentations and pitches, my ideas, designs, and concepts are the ones clients have been drawn to. Among all of their options, 90% of our clients said they chose our agency because of my work.

I am active in the community with youth, coaching football and diving. I work with professional affiliations, Penn State and others to give back to my community. I am active in the digital arts community as well through Siggraph, NAB and have Penn State affiliations with artists, animators, videographers, professors and designers all over the US.

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